Encouraging engagement and empowering individuals and communities to work towards building better futures is key to the work we do. Our resources are openly accessible so you can test out approaches and update yourself with the latest outputs from our research projects. 

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Mapping Green Dublin

Urban proto-typing toolkit

This toolkit provides step by step guidance to support communities develop their own urban proto-typing workshops to enhance the urban environment and local neighbourhoods.

Mapping Green Dublin

Strategic pathways to community-led greening

This strategy documents the process of, but is also an output from, the project. It highlights the potential of a co-created approach to greening strategy-making that is grounded in the community and broader ideas of social and environmental justice.

Ireland in the metropolitan century

In search of the Irish region

What is the region in an Irish context? This resource collates various definitions and understandings of the regional in an Irish context as used in a range of policies and by public agencies. The variety highlights the lack of an agreed understanding of the regional which has significant implications of planning policy and practice.

Ireland in the metropolitan century

A bibliography of metropolitanisation

Based on a scoping review of the literature from 2015-2019 on metropolitan governance, covering a range of geographical and institutional contexts. The bibliography also includes additional sources identified by the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly to inform the development of the RSES and Metropolitan Spatial Plan for Dublin, as well as additional academic sources found after the initial scoping review.