Urban Grit

Project Title

Urban Grit: A resident-led exploration of the soil, nature and greenspace ‘closest-in’ to a high-density inner city neighbourhood

Lead Researcher

Alma Clavin


Robert Emmet Community Development Project
Seoidin O’Sullivan, independent artist
Eoin O’Mahony, GIS specialist


Irish Research Council New Foundations

The physical and mental health benefits of nature and greenspace have been well documented. Recent work has shown that there is a greenspace deficit in inner city areas of Dublin, depriving communities of natural health and wellbeing benefits.

This project examines the nature and greenspaces ‘closest in’ to an inner city neighbourhood in Dublin 8. Working with the Robert Emmet Community Development Project, the project uses mapping techniques and nature work (called ‘nature probes’) to collectively examine wellbeing impacts of this greenspace deficit and take an in-depth view into residents historical and current relationships with nature in their locality.  

The project is a collaboration between UCD Geography, The Robert Emmet Centre Development Project and the communities the centre works with. The work is led by Dr. Alma Clavin in collaboration with Dr. Eoin O’Mahony, Dr. Anne Schiffer and artists Seoidín O’Sullivan and Anthony Freeman. The project is funded by the Irish Research Councils’ New Foundations grant scheme.