Repair Acts Ireland

Project Title

Repair Acts Ireland

Lead Researcher

Alma Clavin


Teresa Dillon, University of the West of England
Westmeath County Council


Creative Ireland Climate Action Fund 2021

REPAIR ACTS IRELAND is a 16-month pilot project that brings the care and repair of objects into the heart of  conversations about shopping and recycling in Ireland. Through a series of intergenerational events the programme collates past histories of repair practices, present stories of repaired objects and speculates on future facing repair mindsets.

This will be achieved through a mix of interdisciplinary artistic and applied research methodologies, including storytelling, data visualisation, speculative design, performance and Live Action Role Play (LARP), visual, online and mixed media and digital place-making. Addressing the often overlooked place of repair within waste cycles and hierarchies within Ireland, the project will generate a novel and exciting set of complementary artistic works, research, community tools and data that holds potential to scale and contribute to environmental policy and applied artistic practices both nationally and internationally. 

The project is  led by Dr. Alma Clavin and artist Teresa Dillon, in partnership with Westmeath County Council and funded by Creative Ireland’s Climate Action fund and runs until December 2022.

Image-credit-Why-I-Cannot-Repair-My-iPhone-Teresa-Dillon Why I Cannot Repair My iPhone, Teresa Dillon