Meet the CONUNDRUM Team

While new technologies such as private e-vehicles and the promotion of active mobility are an important part of addressing Ireland’s transport emissions, in communities without significant public transport infrastructure or for those with limited personal mobility, de-carbonising mobility choices can be challenging both practically and conceptually.

It requires detailed analysis and understanding of place assets, dynamics, individual and community need, and capabilities to make the transition alongside the deployment of a technical solution.Given the complex nature of the problem, a multidisciplinary team involving researchers, policymakers, industrial partners and end-users is needed. The CONUNDRUM team brings together  different disciplines and expertise relevant to the co-creation, development, adoption and deployment of solutions. The  team will work together very closely with stakeholders, to identify appropriate place-based options and solutions based on current and future need, accelerate the deployment of the proposed technology through iterative engagement with beneficiaries and stakeholders, and develop a mechanism to support and evaluate the impact on community wellbeing amidst the mobility transition.


Niamh small

Professor Niamh Moore-Cherry is PI for CONUNDRUM. She is Dean of Social Sciences and College Principal in the UCD College of Social Sciences and Law. She is also Full Professor in the UCD School of Geography and Honorary Professor at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. Her research focuses on place-based urban and regional development, governance and the impact of territorial politics on just and sustainable outcomes for communities and places.

Brian Caulfield

Prof Brian Caulfield is co-PI for CONUNDRUM. He is Head of Discipline in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Trinity College Dublin. Since joining the Department Prof Caulfield has embarked on an intensive research program addressing global issues such as the environmental impacts of transport. He recently provided advice to the Climate Change Advisory Council on pathways to decreasing transport emissions by 2030.

Kieran Harrahill

Kieran Harrahill is a senior researcher at TASC (Think tank for Action on Social Change) focusing on issues surrounding climate justice. He has a BA in Geography and Politics and International Relations from UCD and an MSc in Environmental Policy from UCD. TASC is the Societal Impact Champion for the CONUNDRUM project.


Dr Rachel McArdle is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Geography at University College Dublin, currently working on the CONUNDRUM project. Her research interests include: sustainability, communities, climate justice, energy poverty and housing.

Dr. Keyvan Hosseini

Dr Keyvan Hosseini is postdoctoral researcher at Trinity College Dublin.

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Dr Dean Phelan is a Research Social Scientist at UCD. He works on the CONUNDRUM project and lectures the “Cities in a Global World” undergraduate module and the MA module “Research Design 2”.